Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Shotgun Approach?

One critic recently said that by using the vast amount of scripture to demonstrate that Jesus is the fulfillment of that prophecy is akin to using a shotgun. That the scripture covered such a vast amount of ground that anyone could fit in.

Quite the opposite is true! Here's an example:

Suppose for example that the police are looking for a white car that left the scene of a robbery/homicide. There are a lot of white cars! As they interview witnesses they learn that the suspect vehicle was a white, four door, Toyota. Those pieces of information narrow down the possibilities considerably. Finally, the police have analyzed the video tape from a parking lot camera and clearly see a white, 1998 four door Toyota leaving the parking lot and clearly see the license plate. Armed with that information they now have a single suspect vehicle.
Likewise, each prophecy provides more information about this “Immanuel” and narrows down the probabilities until there is no doubt as to the identity of this person. In all history there is only One who fulfilled all these prophecies.

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