Saturday, October 3, 2015

Terrorism in Oregon and Silence at the UN

A school shooting in Oregon has left a number of students dead and wounded including the shooter.  Before any of the facts were made known, President Barack Obama appeared in front of network news to decry the violence and once again blame guns for the deaths.  The presidents rhetoric was not unlike any other school shooting except now he admitted to his politicalization of the crisis.  Authorities in Oregon said that no gun law would have stopped the attack.  The campus was a gun free zone making it a soft target.  Reportedly there was a security guard on campus but he was unarmed.
So far little has been said about the motive that propelled the shooter into killing fellow students, however witnesses said he had the students sit, and one by one he asked them if they were Christian.  Responding "yes," he would immediately execute them by shooting them in the head.  If they responded "no," he would shoot them in the leg. On his computer there were links to two radical Muslims, but so far no indication of his own beliefs.

Meanwhile, at the United Nations, Israels leader, Benjamin Netanyahu gave his address in which neither President Obama or Secretary of State, John Kerry were present.  In his address,  Netanyahu said that he will do whatever it takes to protect his country and not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons.  He chided the world body for its "deafening silence" to speak out when Iran has threatened to wipe Israel from the earth as they push for nuclear weapons.  As he made the statement, there was an eerie, complete silence for 45 seconds as Mr. Netanyahu glared at the assembly in obvious disdain. 

The Russians have ordered the US to cease and disist missions over Syria.  Russian leader Putin has said the Russians would fly combat missions against ISIS, but so far their combat missions have been to attack the moderates supported by the US and its allies.  All this since the fourth and final blood moon of this last Tetrad (corresponding to Jewish holy days) for the next 500 years.
Photo taken on the evening of 9/27/15 at the airport in Paradise, CA

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