Sunday, February 18, 2007

Darwinism Delusion Exposed

Read this interesting article by Professor Emeritus of Biology
Kazmer Ujvarosy
Kazmer Ujvarosy is the founder of Frontline Science, an independent think tank, based in San Francisco.
He is dedicated to the analysis of complex problems, and the development of realistic, concrete proposals on issues of global concern. His stance is independent, interdisciplinary, with an analytical rigor, and a view to the future.
He is uniquely qualified to help you understand what makes scientific sense, and what does not, based on cause-and-effect and systems principles.

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Kazmer Ujvarosy


Anonymous said...

The article was written by Kazmer Ujvarosy, the professor is John A Davison. John A Davison is a frequent troll on evolution boards. He's nearly impossible to engage in discussion, and can't keep on topic. He was a frequent visitor on Dembski's website (which is pro-intelligent design), and heralded by them. But, he has since been banned because of his inability to hold a conversation, and frequent use of insults. Quite frankly, he's a crackpot, and even the pro-intelligent design crowd have soured on him.

R. Hoeppner said...

Anonymous said [quote]The article was written by Kazmer Ujvarosy[/quote]

That's correct and I believe I stated that from the beginning.

Having read only a few of John Davison's articles I haven't seen where he wanders off topic but I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for your comment.