Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hawaii Again!

Hawaii is the jewell of the Pacific Ocean. There are so many things to see and do it would take a lifetime. I keep up with the news from Hawaii daily.
We are no strangers to Hawaii (having been there four times last year alone) and yet we are. Each time

we go intending to just relax we end up filling our time with activities from dawn to sunset and beyond. We are looking forward to our next visit with our youngest son and his wife. The question is, will we be ready? Right now my tan has faded completely and I'm still trying to get in shape for those famous hikes Jason like to take! He riminds me of Indiana Jones. Don't believe it? Check the picture of him taken on Maui last year. The two Islands we haven't visited yet are the Big Island and Molokai. We'll have to put those on hold for a while. It's been some

time since we were on Kauai so I'm sure it's changed since then. I will try to keep up with this blog on our trip. Here are more pictures.

This past December all the family went and we stayed at a condo in Turtle Bay. Living so far apart it was a rare treat to all be together. It was especially nice for our family Christmas. Besides the weather was cold on the mainland. Mid to upper 70's there. (All pictures on this post were taken by me or my family members).

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