Monday, May 21, 2007

Amber Alert or Tell Me Have You Seen Him?

Have you seen this guy? In the early weeks of 1990, three news reports appeared which differed as to the disappearance of the fossils of the controversial Peking Man following WW II. In reality this report merely describes different theories related to the disappearance. One theory is that they are buried under a car warehouse in Beijing (Peking). Another theory is that the government has them hidden and a third theory is that two of the teeth were found in Southwest China and were dated at three million years old. That would make the teeth a much older than the Peking Man himself. I've personally been down in China Town in both San Francisco, CA and Honolulu, HI but haven't seen a sign of him so far. I don’t look for him to make an appearance any time soon but keep an eye out for him.

He seems to be as elusive as Bigfoot up around my neck of the woods.

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