Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Lost Tribe of the Tasaday's

I was stationed in the Northern Island of the Philippines, (Luzon) in 1972 at Clark AFB. And I remember this stuff quite well; the previous year a discovery was made that fired up the world of anthropology like nothing else ever had. The discovery of a cave-dwelling tribe called the Tasaday tribe. It was such a discovery that National Geographic ran special articles on the tribes people. A cadre of scientists along with the rich and famous traveled to the Philippines just to see these primitives. Journalists and their publishers couldn't get enough of this stuff. Books were written, television specials were run.

Check it out for yourself: Here is the actual article from Time Magazine archives dated Oct. 1971.

The only problem--it was an act.
The scientific world had rushed in and took the bait--hook, line and sinker!
Supposedly a missionary had recognized the tribes people from an article as a group he'd been working with and knew they weren't living in caves, nore were naked...(those nasty christians, always interfering with science!)

As it turned out a minor official by the name of Manuel Elizalde Jr., paid local farmers to live in the caves, take off their clothes, and appear Stone Age. They even rehearsed using stone impliments. Unfortunately Manuel Elizalde Jr. absconded with a large bankroll of money allegedly taken from funds set aside to provide lands for the Tasaday.

Here is one of the best articles I've read about what really happened. You can google it up and read numerous articles about this fraud...but sometimes the truth is hard to swallow, (especially when you have a group that gets funding for perpetuating the lie).
Not to be confused with the facts of the case, some still believe that the Tasaday are a stone age people co-opted by the modern world.
That's nothing though; I met this Polynesian guy--Cheif Sieulu and his partner on this day. they look primitive in native costume, but are multi-lingual, intelligent, well traveled, funny and know how to entertain, plus I think he drives a beamer. The cheif's survival skills are unsurpassed! (If you go to O'ahu Hawaii you've got to go to the Kualoa Macadamia Nut Farm and take the tour!) Darwin's theory was used to classify some men as more evolved than others which is evident by the Origin of Species subtitle, "The Preservation of the Favoured Races." You probably weren't told about the subtitle in school, were you?

Here is a good podcast on
The Dark Darwinian History of Eugenics


Anonymous said...

Because nothing in xianity has been shown to be true. If you mean love thy neighbor then that isn't a truth from xianity. When scientists are duped by local tribesman we are agitated that we got the wool pulled over our eyes. We rarely hear of scientists getting support when they are really charlatans but when has a christian/xian leader been scientifically honest about the bible?

R. Hoeppner said...

txatheist you say "Nothing in Christianity has been shown to be true." Are you kidding???? You gotta quit smoking that stuff! Sir Isaac Newton, looking at the evidence (scant compared to the evidence of today) of his day said "I find more marks of authenticity in the Bible than in any profane (secular) history whatever." In our time there much more evidence for the veracity of the Bible than in Newton's day, yet a scientist today who happens to view the evidence in the light of intelligent design, regardless of how he/she ranks among his or her peers will suddenly find themselves cut off, ostracized (meaning denied things like income status and tenure)and black balled. This is nothing but discrimination at it's ugliest.
"Pro-ID Professor Denied Tenure Despite Ranking Highest Among Faculty" (
is the latest headline from the Christian Post.
The evidence that supports the scripture is nothing short of abundant. There is an plethora of prophetic and scientific information today that confirms the veracity of the Bible. I personally listed 315 specific prophecies (written before the event) that Jesus Christ fulfilled. Time and time again Archaeology has confirmed what the Bible says. See my article King Sargon. The liberal National Geographic, History and Discovery channels all carry programs that attempt to explain how events described in the Bible had natural rather than super-natural causes, in essence exploring the mechanics of how those actual events described in the Bible occurred. None of them make any attempt to deny the events themselves. For instance, the pre-Exodus plagues were allegedly caused by the volcanic explosion at Santorini (

The scientific community will eventually deal with the fraudelant scientist but so does the religious community with errant preachers. The offender will lose his post, be defrocked or excommunicated etc. (I know, the Catholics have had a problem dealing with pedophiles in the priesthood and they are paying the price now). But primarily it's the fly-by-night-self ordained televangelists who are not accountable to any organization that are the ones who continue to harm the message of Christianity...such as the one you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

I retract that statement and change it to "nothing supernatural has been shown to be true". I regret the error. I was in the mindset of nothing special about xianity has been shown to be true.
I'll quit smoking stuff as soon as you call god an myth, the bible mostly fiction and jesus a plagurized and fabricated being. Isaac Newton would be wrong. Those prophecies are vague and not verifiable. To say Jesus was all those things is to believe the bible is true, nothing verifiable. I do agree that Eqypt exists as the bible says. That groups of people existed like the Canaanites but the supernatural is not verified.
Myers explains why GG didn't get tenure. My brother is a scholastic genius but being able to regurgitate material is not a good thing in practical day usage. My bro can't do mechanical things well. He's great at reading the manual but no so good at actually changing the spark plugs. I'm also under the impression he didn't bring in grant money or get peer reviewed articles done.

The scientific community will deal with what fraudulent scientists?
When the preachers admit god is a myth and the bible is just a book of fiction as well as heaven then I'll believe errant preachers are being honest.