Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More Evolution Frauds: Archaeopteryx Revisited

On one of my blogs I addressed the issue of transitional (intermediate) species for which there is no fossil evidence at all. Some gentleman evolutionist wrote back with his short response, "Archaeopteryx" as if that one word confirms Darwins theory. That provoked me to write the article, "Archaeopteryx or Giving Creationists the Bird." I've also dealt with the many frauds perpetrated on society by the "scientific community" to support the theory of evolution. Almost all creationists are familiar with the Nebraska Man and Piltdown Man frauds. Ironically, National Geographic was quick to publish this hoax (depicted above) as well as another fraud I covered, "The Lost Tribe of the Tasaday's." It strikes me odd that the same secular voices that cry out long and loud about wrong doing in the broader Christian society take extreme offense when confronted with the truth that "scientists" perpatrate even more frauds often in an attempt to actively promote their own agenda, especially evolution, and especially when it will net them new money's.
Today I was reminded of those frauds once again when I came across the following article which is reprinted here from nwcreation.net.

"Archaeoraptor Liaoningensis: Fake Dinosaur-bird ancestor

The most recent and perhaps the most infamous evolution frauds was committed in China and published in 1999 in the journal National Geographic 196:98-107, November 1999. Dinosaur bones were put together with the bones of a newer species of bird and they tried to pass it off as a very important new evolutionary intermediate.
'Feathers For T-Rex?', Christopher P. Sloan, National Geographic Magazine, Vol. 196, No. 5, November, 1999, pp.99,100,105

Interesting Quote - "National Geographic has reached an all-time low for engaging in sensationalistic, unsubstantiated, tabloid journalism" Storrs L. Olson, Smithsonian Institution."

(This article is reprinted here from nwcreation.net)

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Allen said...

I have spent the last year and a half flipping a coin six hours a day and it has came up heads every time except for once. After that experience I cannot help but be convinced of evolution. LOL, I'm kidding. Thanks for the information about Archaeopteryx. I use to be in the Christian creationist/macro-evolutionist boat but I have since jumped overboard.

R. Hoeppner said...

I didn't know that there was such a boat but two things I'd say to you - if you're that lucky at flipping coins then you ought to live in Las Vegas and it might not be a good thing to jump out of the creationist boat. Noah was a creationist.