Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Doomsday: December 21, 2012??

We've all seen the caricatures of the robed men standing on the street corners with their signs saying 'doomsday is near.' Well, here's a 3 minute clip from the History Channel that reveals a date from several different cultures and religions that converge upon...December 21, 2012.

Worth the listening to.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Lost Tribe of the Tasaday's

I was stationed in the Northern Island of the Philippines, (Luzon) in 1972 at Clark AFB. And I remember this stuff quite well; the previous year a discovery was made that fired up the world of anthropology like nothing else ever had. The discovery of a cave-dwelling tribe called the Tasaday tribe. It was such a discovery that National Geographic ran special articles on the tribes people. A cadre of scientists along with the rich and famous traveled to the Philippines just to see these primitives. Journalists and their publishers couldn't get enough of this stuff. Books were written, television specials were run.

Check it out for yourself: Here is the actual article from Time Magazine archives dated Oct. 1971.

The only problem--it was an act.
The scientific world had rushed in and took the bait--hook, line and sinker!
Supposedly a missionary had recognized the tribes people from an article as a group he'd been working with and knew they weren't living in caves, nore were naked...(those nasty christians, always interfering with science!)

As it turned out a minor official by the name of Manuel Elizalde Jr., paid local farmers to live in the caves, take off their clothes, and appear Stone Age. They even rehearsed using stone impliments. Unfortunately Manuel Elizalde Jr. absconded with a large bankroll of money allegedly taken from funds set aside to provide lands for the Tasaday.

Here is one of the best articles I've read about what really happened. You can google it up and read numerous articles about this fraud...but sometimes the truth is hard to swallow, (especially when you have a group that gets funding for perpetuating the lie).
Not to be confused with the facts of the case, some still believe that the Tasaday are a stone age people co-opted by the modern world.
That's nothing though; I met this Polynesian guy--Cheif Sieulu and his partner on this day. they look primitive in native costume, but are multi-lingual, intelligent, well traveled, funny and know how to entertain, plus I think he drives a beamer. The cheif's survival skills are unsurpassed! (If you go to O'ahu Hawaii you've got to go to the Kualoa Macadamia Nut Farm and take the tour!) Darwin's theory was used to classify some men as more evolved than others which is evident by the Origin of Species subtitle, "The Preservation of the Favoured Races." You probably weren't told about the subtitle in school, were you?

Here is a good podcast on
The Dark Darwinian History of Eugenics

December 2005--Top Korean Scientist Cloned Human

A landmark scientific paper on cloning that propelled a South Korean scientist, Hwang Woo Suk, to international stardom was an "intentional fabrication." This was one of the top guys in stem cell research in the world...

Alas, humans will do what humans will do and as Rob MacGregor's Indiana Jones said, it's about "Fortune and Glory." Speaking of Indiana Jones, have you noticed the so called archaeologists who are wearing the fedora and galavanting the world? Fortune and Glory! It makes no difference if the person is a butcher, baker or candlestick maker or scientist, politician or preacher, we all have that flaw called 'human nature' (to a greater or lesser degree).

"For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." - Romans 3:23.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More So-Called Scientific "Truth"

Haeckel's Embryos The Real Deal?

"Evolutionist should stand proud and salute Haeckel a true apostle. From his embryos to Piltdown, from Nebraska Man to Lucy the tradition Ernest Haeckel begun, the creation of evidence continues to this day. "

They're doing it again. Oh my!

Listen to the pod-cast for more details. (click on Haeckel's Embryos or the title bar above)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Amber Alert or Tell Me Have You Seen Him?

Have you seen this guy? In the early weeks of 1990, three news reports appeared which differed as to the disappearance of the fossils of the controversial Peking Man following WW II. In reality this report merely describes different theories related to the disappearance. One theory is that they are buried under a car warehouse in Beijing (Peking). Another theory is that the government has them hidden and a third theory is that two of the teeth were found in Southwest China and were dated at three million years old. That would make the teeth a much older than the Peking Man himself. I've personally been down in China Town in both San Francisco, CA and Honolulu, HI but haven't seen a sign of him so far. I don’t look for him to make an appearance any time soon but keep an eye out for him.

He seems to be as elusive as Bigfoot up around my neck of the woods.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rocks In My Shoe, or Skullduggery at Piltdown

It happened around the quaint town of Piltdown, England. Working secretly on their patient a long process was taking place. It took a while to find all of the necessary parts. A human skull and the jawbone of an orangutan and later the tooth of a chimp; all to be merged into one being. Some sawing, filing, taps of a hammer...it was almost ready now, but it needed to look old. A little acid, a little paint, the stroke of a brush and finally he was ready: A creature more bizarre than Dr. Frankenstein's monster was born--

Behold--The Piltdown man!

Frenzied darwinian's finally had the elusive evidence they were looking for. The news was also good for the little town of Piltdown had gained worldwide acclaim as Piltdown had been unearthed from a gravel pit there.

Piltdown's (also known as Eoanthropus dawsoni) career grew when he became a cast member at the famous Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925.
From there he became a textbook icon. Students worldwide were fascinated for decades with stories of how their early ancestor, Piltdown man ate, socialized, mated and died. Pictures of him appeared in print, and life size replicas were fashioned complete with hair, lips and eyes and put on display in museums.

Alas, his career abruptly ended barely fifty years later, reluctantly in 1955 Piltdown man was found to be a fraud, a total hoax. Creationists who had long since been relegated to the back of their classes as comprising the so-called 'flat earth society’ didn’t have much of a respite as a host of other imaginative and artistic representations of man were waiting in the wings.

You know, there is a resemblance between Piltdown and this writer, or is there? Naw! Anyway I want to wish you all Aloha from the Island of Oahu! I wonder if Piltdown ever got sunburned...oh well that's for a different blog. Here's a shot I took as Pearl Harbor came into view (back on the 8th of this month) in a crack in the clouds.
This is looking directly at Ford Island. You may be able to click on this picture and see the little white dot at lower center extreme right is the Arizona memorial. Just behind it is the Battleship Missouri, these cap both ends of WW 2.
I wonder if this view is something like the Japanese pilots had?

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I'll be taking the mother of my kids to New Hope, Diamond Head and say hi to my friend and brother in Christ, Pastor Fernando.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Global Warming

“The fourth angel emptied his bowl on the sun, and it began to scorch people like fire. Everyone was scorched by its great heat, and all of them cursed the name of God who had power over these terrible troubles. But no one turned to God and praised him.” – Revelation 16:8, 9 – CEV

I can picture in my mind doomsday scenes from movies like “The Day After Tomorrow” which follows a global warming scenario that results in mega twisters hitting Los Angeles, super Tsunami’s flooding New York and Europe being freeze dried by an instant Ice Age. It once was great sport poking fun at robed prophets standing on street corners waving signs ‘The End Is Near.” Now Hollywood is doing the same thing, but with a much larger budget and backed up by politically driven science. Anyone voicing an other view than the political correct one is immediately and effectively marginalized.

I don’t know about you but I’m just as afraid of politically driven science as I am of religiously driven politics. Politics is all about favoring one view over another and achieving power. Religiously controlled government or politically driven science will eventually deprive people of their rights, their beliefs, their thoughts and freedoms. Global warming is a fact of life. The jury is still out on deciding on its cause or if it is as temporary as the Ice Age hype of the '70s.
It’s always politically expedient to affix blame for a problem to one's opponent especially in a run up to an election and all too often politicians think the answer to the problem is money. One recent example: New Orleans--got a lot of money after Katrina, but I think we all agree it was grossly mis-managed.
What we do know:
1. The decade of the 1990’s was the warmest since record keeping began.
2. Northern Hemisphere Spring thaw begins 9 days earlier than 150 years ago.
3. The Northern Hemisphere Fall freeze begins 10 days later than 150 years ago.
4. Average temperatures in Alaska have increased by 4 degrees Celsius in 50 years.
5. Warming and cooling cycles on Earth happen about every 100,000 years.
6. Since 1978 Arctic sea ice area has shrunk by some 9 percent per decade.
7. 15 degree warming spike occurred in Greenland in one decade during the last Ice Age.
8. The Solar cycle lasts about 11.3 years.
Geophysicists are aware of increased solar activity reaching a 1000 year high.

There is much conjecture as to the cause of global warming; the most popular (and politically correct) being that human activity is responsible for it (pushing CO2 into the atmosphere through automobiles and industry).
Scientists monitoring the Martian polar ice cap (solid CO2) have noticed that the its been shrinking for the past decade. It's an indication that the Sun may be the cause for our global warming rather than man.

“…new studies suggest that the increase in solar radiation absorbed at the earth’s surface had almost 10 times as much warming power during that time as the concurrent increases in carbon dioxide, the main global warming gas. Therefore, the warming observed over the past 20 years must have little to do with changes in greenhouse gases.”- World Climate Report
Recent increases in just two areas, (1) volcanism and (2) thousands of out of control coal mine fires, (some have been raging for many decades) add may far exceed the total output of industry and transportation. Undersea volcanism may even be a cause of the El Nino effect. It's debatable. Then there’s a third source for much of the CO2 released into the atmosphere; it comes from the sea and occurs near the equatorial oceans.
So why mention this in a Christian blog? Well, there's been a lot of propaganda out there that Christians aren't concerned with the environment. That misinformation needs to be countered. From the beginning God's instructions to man were to care for the earth. Does it matter how we treat the environment if global warming turns out to be caused by factors beyond our control. Yes it does! I believe the vast majority of Christians are practicing environmentalists.
But aren't natures upheavels a sign that we're in the last days of the world system?
I'm working on a write up for a future blog about that but for now let's just take a peek at a few of the signs of the times according to Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ explained some signs leading to the end-time world events. Words in red are Jesus’ and parentheses are mine.

“When you see Jerusalem surrounded by soldiers, (fulfilled – AD 70) you will know that it will soon be destroyed. If you are living in Judea at that time, run to the mountains. (Many Christians survived the destruction of Jerusalem because of these very words) If you are in the city, leave it. And if you are out in the country, don't go back into the city. This time of punishment is what is written about in the Scriptures. It will be an awful time for women who are expecting babies or nursing young children! Everywhere in the land people will suffer horribly and be punished. Some of them will be killed by swords. Others will be carried off to foreign countries. Jerusalem will be overrun by foreign nations until their time comes to an end (In 1967 Jerusalem came under the control of Israel).
Strange things will happen to the sun, moon, and stars. The nations on earth will be afraid of the roaring sea (tsunamis) and tides (rising sea levels) and they won't know what to do. People will be so frightened that they will faint because of what is happening to the world. Every power in the sky will be shaken. (could be a reference to nuclear war) Then the Son of Man will be seen, coming in a cloud with great power and glory.” - Luke 21:20-27 CEV